Never before have we had at our disposal so many sophisticated treatments and techniques for rejuvenating the face and body. Professionals in the field have enough trouble keeping up with the latest developments. How can the consumer possibly stay informed?

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To address that problem, I started skinMDny.com. It seemed obvious we need a clearinghouse for concise, accurate, timely information on the latest trends and truths in aesthetic medicine. Our contributors are top practitioners in the fields of plastic surgery, dermatology, and clinical skin care. Most are board certified physicians and, like me, clinical professors in medicine. Our job is to comb professional journals, sift through clinical and research findings, evaluate technical advances, and vet new products, so we can give you the most up-to-date information on what’s worthwhile and what’s not in the world of aesthetic treatment.

My training is in microsurgery and reconstructive plastic surgery. For the past decade I’ve focused my practice on rejuvenation. My goal is to achieve the most complete correction and restoration possible, using minimally invasive procedures. “Preserve when possible and restore when necessary” is my philosophy. To keep people looking younger longer, without over-correction or unnecessary surgery, I developed the concept of sequential intervention: targeting those areas that show premature aging or abnormalities while, at the same time, preserving non-involved areas.

Aesthetic medicine today focuses on providing lasting results in the least possible time, with the least risk and shortest recovery. Surgery alone is not the answer. Skin care requires a multidisciplinary approach. I often draw on the expertise of other professionals whose work complements mine. That collaborative spirit is at the heart of skinMDny.com.

Our partner is the Ajune Center for Beauty Synergy™ in New York City, where a team of nurses, pharmacists, and aestheticians offers clinical and aesthetic skin and body care. Ajune is a medically designed and directed resource center: All the programs, from facials and cellulite treatments to clinical skin rejuvenation and nutrition, are integrated in a supervised and controlled way. Total beauty in the twenty-first century calls for a scientific, as well as aesthetic approach.

– Dr. Mauro C. Romita, MD