True “lunch hour” wrinkle correction must meet specific criteria. It must be effective, either permanently or for a truly significant period of time. Treatment takes less than one hour. Finally, it must be entirely non-invasive. There must be no pain, redness, swelling, or post-treatment care, so the patient can immediately return to his or her daily routine.

Wrinkles can form where the skin is exposed to excessive solar radiation and in areas where excessive use of the facial muscles causes the skin to pleat, such as between and around the eyes, and at the corners of the mouth. Fine wrinkles due to sun damage are usually evenly distributed. The deeper lines occurring in specific areas are normally due to muscle activity. The effect of this wrinkling is a prematurely aged appearance. When treated promptly, many of these problems can be effectively corrected in a non-surgical, yet long lasting way. An effective treatment program must address each of these problems.

Fractional Laser

Fractional carbon dioxide laser skin resurfacing and tightening , the best return on investment in skin care.

The early versions of the carbon dioxide laser gave incredible results but the healing times were long, there was prolonged after care and the skin could suffer the effects of permanent lightening change.

The skin got restored and the wrinkles were gone however, the big kick was the amount of tightening the skin underwent through shrinkage almost like a mini face lift without the surgery.

Get the benefits of the resultant skin tightening with minimal healing, less discomfort, only local cream anesthesia, and no loss of natural color, and still get rid of wrinkles and brown spots.

Technology has now allowed us to keep the positives and eliminate the negatives, of carbon dioxide lasering. There is no other skin care system that compares when sun and elements have taken their toll. When milder peels no longer have effect it’s time to inquire about fractional laser therapy.

The answer lies in being able to fractionate or disperse the laser energy, so the deep layers of the skin can be stimulated to tighten and generate new young collagen while keeping intact a significant portion of the outer skin layer so healing is accomplished quickly from the skin surface.

The small vaporized dots peel off in 4 days and make up can be applied, the majority of the redness is gone in one week. People can resume normal activity in 7 days, while the deep skin layers continue to produce new collagen for three to four months!

This laser can be used effectively on delicate neck skin and chest skin as well as hands, it removes wrinkles, brown spots and gives back a youth full skin texture with new collagen.

The Fractional laser know as the Active FX Encore is the most flexible safest and most comfortable way to a new younger face. It has many of the benefits of a face lift without the surgery and risks. It’s effective at a wide spectrum of age groups from late 30′s to 80′s whenever the sun has damaged skin excessively.

Call the office and see if you are a candidate. There is no recovery so the patient can leave the office without assistance 20 minutes after the procedure.


The majority of patients find that preparing the skin with Retin-A is extremely helpful in allowing the skin to repair itself from below the surface. It encourages the production of healthy, young collagen for pristine skin. A”lunch hour” program of wrinkle reduction can then address each of the skin surface problems without side effects. The first step is air-brushing away fine lines and sun-spots using powdered salt in a series of microdermabrasion treatments. These are painless and effective, and require no after-care so you can return to your normal routine right away. Six treatments spaced about two weeks apart will dramatically eradicate sun damage.


Injections of Botox promote the reduction of pleating frown lines. Botox relaxes hyperactive muscles, eliminating the contractions that are a leading cause of deep wrinkles between and around the eyes, and raising drooping brows.

These treatments, used in conjunction with a consistent routine of skin care and nutrition, can dramatically reduce the effects of sun and aging without surgery or healing time.

Treatments That May Help

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