A breast lift or reduction is a procedure you can consider no matter what your size. This operation has much in common with smaller breast reductions, but normally no tissue is removed, and incisions are much smaller and easier to conceal. Occasionally, a small breast implant is added to fill out the upper portion of the previously sagging breast.

Even small breasts can sag, and when the nipple starts to migrate down toward the fold under the breast, it usually means that more than an implant is needed to fill in the discrepancy between skin and breast tissue. A careful surgeon will use an implant only when the problem is not severe. If too big an implant is used, an unnatural result will occur. Careful planning by the surgeon and patient is necessary to ensure the desired results.

In minor sagging cases, an incision is made around the nipple, and the extra skin is tucked in toward the nipple. This procedure can do an excellent job of restoring breast contour by bringing the skin and breast tissue into youthful balance, but it cannot beused with extensive drooping, or a too-flat breast will be the result. The scar around the nipple be visible only when the breast is completely exposed.

In more severe sagging, it is necessary to extend the incision from the nipple to the under-breast fold to deal with the extra skin. A vertical incision from the nipple to the fold removes and tucks breast tissue and skin. The scar will heal very well and be inconspicuous. Internal breast sutures do an excellent job of creating a youthful, self-supporting breast shape, so there is no tension on the skin surface to cause the scar to widen.

Even in more severe cases, a small horizontal extension of the incision into the fold under the breast will not be visible in most types of bathing attire. The freedom from fill-in foam or push-up bras is well worth the effort. The secret in correcting more advanced cases of drooping is the sophisticated suturing inside the breast tissue, which replaces the support lost when collagen bands stretch out with age.

Don’t be averse to a small saline implant under a lift, for it will not be visible and is almost impossible to feel. It will maintain cleavage even in bra-less situations.


Patients with history of cysts may be required to have a mammography. Patients should not be obese. No anti-clotting agents should be taken.


Use a post-surgical garment (support bra) for five days, then no underwire bra for six to eight weeks. Avoid strenuous arm lifting or sports, like tennis or golf for four weeks. Always wear some type of support garment when active. Sutures will dissolve.