The facelift procedure has undergone many significant improvements in the past two decades. Many of these have involved making the operation safer and more effective at creating a natural look, while reducing recovery time. These advances include improved material technology and far more sophisticated surgical techniques.

The advantages to the patient are many, as these procedures can now be done in an outpatient setting, with a one-night stay in a hotel or similar facility. The incisions are shorter, leaving less bruising and swelling. The risks, such as visible scars, nerve weakness, and post-operative bleeding, have been all but eliminated.

Probably the most significant outcome of these improvements is that the face can be rejuvenated earlier, with a longer-lasting, natural result. Patients can return to a comfortable lifestyle in about ten days, although it will take several months longer for the final result to appear.

Patients no longer have to tolerate a sagging neck or jowls. The results of early intervention are far more believable than when aging becomes more pronounced. One can look younger earlier and longer — safely and more simply than ever before.


The patient must be in good health and a non- or minimal smoker. In less extreme cases, however, the current short-scar facelifts can be performed safely in smokers who are otherwise in good health. Patients who are hypertensive, or who have a prolonged clotting time, must be treated by their primary care physician and regulate these conditions by medication. Obvious medical problems, such as heart, lung, or kidney disease, also preclude any aesthetic surgery procedure.

Obese patients must lose weight before undergoing surgery and inflammatory or infectious skin conditions must be brought under control to ensure good healing.


One can expect ten days to two weeks of recovery before life returns to normal. Daily activities and athletics may be resumed after a month or six weeks.


Before any facial enhancement surgery, a lymphatic drainage facial is highly recommended, several days before surgery. This pre-operative treatment prepares the skin by making tissues optimally healthy, which improves recovery time. Also recommended is a deep cleansing facial for your face and neck. After your facelift, lymphatic drainage (with or without a facial) can usually be done as soon as one to two weeks post-operatively. Your doctor will determine the exact time and frequency of the treatment. Lymphatic drainage will dramatically shorten the healing process by reducing swelling and inflamation, as well as strengthening the immune system.

An excellent way to support the skin a few weeks after surgery is a hydrating facial. This treatment will combat the dryness, chafing and dehydration common after surgery. The facial gently exfoliates and bathes your skin in essential serums and creams containing ceramides. Lipids and hydrating nectars are applied to maintain moisture and increase cell cohesion. Then two masks of nutrient-rich sea algaes and soft clay aid in clearing and smoothing the skin. Texture, tone, and clarity are all enhanced, resulting in luminous skin.

Another effective post-operative treatment is Photomodulation, one of the latest technologies to stimulate collagen and reduce the hallmarks of photoaging, such as fine lines and a blotchy complexion. GentleWaves LED, which takes less than a minute, is painless because it doesn’t use heat. Instead it uses Light Emitting Diodes and has no side-effects. Several treatments are needed, up to eight in total, done once or twice a week.

Treatments That May Help

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