A sexy derrière is always desirable, especially in the young. A shapeless or square behind is often the result of fatty deposits in three areas: above the buttocks, in the flanks or “love handle” area; below the buttocks (the so-called “banana roll”; and on the outside of the thighs (“saddlebags”).

Removing fat from these areas by liposuction while the skin is still firm can create a very pleasing profile without the need to make incisions in the buttocks. Lifting the buttocks themselves is normally not necessary, unless the person is of advanced age or has lost a great deal of weight. A buttocks lift requires significant incisions, so the procedure should not be considered lightly.

The love handle/saddlebag/banana roll regions shrink very rapidly after liposuction, often revealing a very shapely behind that has been hidden under fat deposits that would not respond to normal dieting.

If the derrière is sagging, fat injections can be added to increase volume. This can be done at the same time as the liposuction procedure.

These simple, outpatient operations are done under local anesthesia . Recovery time is rapid – five days on average – and the results are superb. If done before sagging is advanced, the results will last for many years.


Endermologie is a non-invasive clinical technology developed in France to soften and heal subcutaneous scar tissue. It has shown excellent results in treating cellulite and sagging skin. The clinical effectiveness of Endermologie has been documented to the extent that it was the first such therapy to receive FDA approval for cellulite treatment. Endermologie remains the standard by which all other cellulite therapies are measured, and is the cornerstone technology in combined approaches, including mesotherapy. (Mesotherapy is a non-surgical fat-melting technique that usually involves injections of vitamins, medications, and plant extracts.)

A totally painless procedure, Endermologie promotes new collagen formation and increases fluid drainage from the fat-cell layer. The result is firmer, smoother skin and shrinkage of fat deposits.

Endermologie is performed in a series of up to sixteen weekly sessions, then maintained by diet modification and once-monthly sessions. Each session normally lasts approximately thirty-five minutes and can be combined with an hour-long topical non-injection mesotherapy session for state-of-the-art cellulite therapy.

While not a substitute for liposuction in treating larger fat deposits, pre- and post-liposuction Endermologie sessions can be very effective in enhancing the results.