While there are many ways to make ones face, neck and chest look years or decades young, the question is always will my hands give my age away?

Or perhaps from years of outdoor exposure one’s hands have aged prematurely with spots or wrinkled lax skin?

There is a very good solution to both issues and now your hands can look as young as your face, best of all the solution is simple.

New advances in fractional laser resurfacing can remove age spots and tighten the skin at the same time, topical numbing cream is applied and the laser process takes about 10 minutes following the numbing of the skin. One treatment is often sufficient but it can be repeated in 3 months. The new tight skin lasts for 5 to 6 years if you use sufficient sun protection. There is virtually no down time, or pain and the cost is very affordable.

If your hands have become sunken as well, the back of the hand can be filled in with one of the new long lasting fillers such as Radiesse or Evolence. These can be done alone or with the laser under local and give virtually instantaneous gratification.

While the fillers don’t last as long as the laser resurfacing, you can expect more than a year of correction, making this also very cost effective.

The primary concerns with aging hands are age spots, broken capillaries, and volume loss from fat dissipation.

Fortunately, the hands are amoung the easier areas to treat. IPL, the photofacial machine, is excellent for treating age and sun spots, and can even broken capillaries, often with long-lasting effects.