Arm Reduction / Back Procedures

Upper Arm

The time to deal with fat or cellulite in the upper arms is before the skin becomes loose and wrinkled with age. Fat above the elbow can be removed by liposuction, using one tiny, quarter-inch incision that will disappear without leaving a scar. If you address the problem while you are young and the skin is still elastic, the skin will shrink spontaneously and the problem will be solved. As long as you don’t gain a lot of weight, or gain and lose weight quickly with yo-yo dieting, the result of the arm reduction will be permanent.

However, if you wait until the skin on the upper arms is loose and flabby, then removing the extra skin will require an incision in the armpit several inches long. There may be a visible scar.

Endermologie , while not a substitute for liposuction if fat deposits are large, can be effective in reducing the appearance of cellulite.

Bra Fat

“Bra fat” refers to the rolls of fatty tissue in front of the armpit that are very obvious in strapless and sleeveless clothing. This fat can be removed permanently with a tiny hidden incision and liposuction. The procedure is performed under a local anesthetic, and you can resume normal activities the next day without discomfort. The final result manifests in one to two weeks.

Back Fat

The upper back and underarm areas can be problematic when excess fat deposits bulge over clothing and bathing attire. These bulges have many names, but are all “blocked fat” areas that can be difficult to manage with normal weight loss and exercise programs.Topical cellulite treatments like Endermologie can be of help when the excess fat is not too extensive. However, even women of normal weight can have significant fat

Liposculpture — liposuction using a very small cannula, or tube — is a very safe and effective long-term solution to persistent problems in these areas. The incisions are small — less than an eighth of an inch — and can be hidden in the skin folds. The procedure is done on an outpatient basis, with sedation. Post-operatively, a simple compression garment, such as a body stocking, is worn for five to seven days. Pain and bruising are minimal, and most people can resume normal activities in three days. Final skin tightening takes eight to ten weeks.

The best candidates for this procedure are people with a moderate amount of fat and good skin tone. They can expect to see excellent skin shrinkage.